Remote Depositions

NextGen Reporting is the premier provider of remote deposition services, and the only company to offer LegalView, professional-grade video streaming platform specifically designed around a deposition’s unique requirements. NextGen Reporting clients have used LegalView to reduce travel, reduce litigation costs and streamline the litigation process.

Legal professionals know that not every deposition is the same; some require attending in person, but many depositions are better served by attending through remote video. [Request a demo of our remote services]

Recording: LegalView video streams can be recorded for review by co-counsel, clients or expert witnesses. These videos will be available in our secure online repository shortly after the deposition.

Flexibility: LegalView provides the flexibility to conduct depositions through a wide variety of methods to simultaneously connect the parties: videoconferencing in a boardroom, videostreaming to a laptop, telephone, and even mobile devices.

Technicians: To ensure the highest level of service, we have a national network of trained LegalView technicians. These technicians can attend any location for a deposition to ensure that the equipment and Internet connection will be seamless. In addition, many of our technicians can swear in witnesses as officers of the court.

Security: All NextGen Reporting services were designed to exceed the standards for legal and security requirements. We bring our background in military-grade security methods to ensure that our repositories and LegalView video streams are encrypted and HIPAA compliant

Legality: Before conducting our first deposition, we undertook a substantial review of the rules of civil procedure and rules of evidence in every state and at the federal level to ensure that our services exceed the minimum requirements in every jurisdiction. This extensive research has led us to become the nationwide experts on remote depositions and related rules. In fact, we have trained over 1000 attorneys nationwide with our CLE course on the Ethics of Deposition Technology.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about how our services will work in your jurisdiction.

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