To assist clients with the new area of remote depositions, NextGen Reporting is happy to provide resources and tools:

Legal Resources:

Legal Analyses:

  • Laissez-Faire Videoconferencing: Remote Witness Testimony and Adversarial Truth, UCLA Law Rev, Vol. 48, Oct. 2000.  This older but well-researched article from the UCLA Law Review addresses the legal issues attendant to videoconferenced depositions and trials
  • In this employment law opinion, the judge overruled a request to block a remote deposition
  • Sample state law analysis: memorandum evaluating and summarizing the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure relating to remote depositions
  • Frederic Lederer, The Legality and Practicality of Remote Witness Testimony, The Practical Litigator (Sept. 2009).  The author provides a practical introduction to use of videoconferencing in the context of litigation management.
  • David Ward, Remote Depositions, Journal of Court Reporting (April 2012).  Ward compares the use of remote streaming technologies in the provision of court reporting to that for closed captioning and discusses the opportunities and challenges.

NextGen Case Studies:


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